As if Borana Conservancy couldn’t get better, we got treated to an unbelievable flight over the conservancy… and what a view! We hopped in Michael’s 4-seater plane. He opened the garage door, fired up the engine and off we went.. higher and higher.

The excitement built up until I had to squeal with pure joy. We saw just how beautiful this landscape really was, with striking mountain ranges surrounding the park. The sun was out in full, the clouds parted and we got our first crystal clear view of Mount Kenya. Just W.O.W.

We’re going to fly!

Mount Kenya

We spotted elephants, herds of buffalo and giraffe gliding across the bush and enjoying some food. They were completely unphased by the roaring engine above them.

Michael also showed us some of the projects they work on and fund. This includes schools that have been built by Borana Conservancy, water purification projects and health clinics. Up here, it dawned on us just how crucial Borana is to the surrounding communities. It is the driving force behind their community development and Borana is really trying to make a difference to their lives. Actually, it is an integral part of their conservation work. Both the conservancy and the communities need to work together to progress sustainably.

Very, very happy

Landscape north of Borana Conservancy

One of the many projects Borana Conservancy supports

The view from the flight was breathtaking and was a perfect way to spend our last afternoon in Borana Conservancy. We are so glad for the generosity of Michael and his staff, and feel very thankful that we got to experience this truly amazing corner of the world.

The next morning, we had our last game drive with Lawrence, our guide. We got in the middle of a huge herd of buffalo, including one bull who was trying to impress some ladies with ‘flowers’ over his horns. He didn’t seem very successful, poor guy.

Bringing flowers for the ladies

Curious buffaloes with Mt Kenya behind

Simon and I both agreed that our time here has been some of the best couple of days of our lives. We hope we can return to Borana, the landscape, the friendly staff and of course all the wildlife! Until we meet again.

If you would like to support Save the Rhino International, an organisation which supports Borana and other conservancies across Africa, please visit here. For more photos from Borana Conservancy, see here.

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