We arrived at the Red Sea to have a much needed break. Much of our family met us in Sahl Hasheesh, near Hurghada to spend Christmas together. They brought home to us and we felt very loved and appreciated that they flew all this way for the Christmas break! As if that wasn’t enough, they spoilt us rotten with a holiday at an all-inclusive five star resort for two weeks. Yes, I know, it’s only normal to feel jealous. Thank you family!



Our five star resort, the Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh hotel

When we got to the buffet our eyes went wide at the amount of food available. We stuffed ourselves silly with everything we could eat into what felt like a never ending empty void. We paid the price later when we could barely walk. We eventually learned to control the food urge and instead overdosed on Whisky Sours and Pina Coladas.


Simon on the beach

We did do some sport to compensate though – we got very competitive at the tennis court. Not because we were both good but because we are both absolute beginners and have no idea what we were doing. Still, it was very entertaining!



Scuba diving

Most of the time we spent the days snorkeling and looking at exotic and colourful fish! The world below the waves is a magnificent one and the colourful corals were buzzing with life. We went scuba diving, which was Tanya’s first time and WHAT an experience! Once your head disappears below the water, all you hear is complete silence. You concentrate on your breath and become part of a completely different world. Simon already has his diving license so he enjoyed being back in the water.


Supplies for Africa and a new wheel

Simon’s parents also brought down our supplies for Africa, including a new wheel as Tanya’s broke three days after cycling out of Cairo. We also got a visit from Arthur, also cycling to South Africa! The last time we saw him was in Cairo and he took the Red Sea route, so he stayed with us for a night.


Meeting Arthur again in Hurghada

Christmas was beautiful. After dinner we enjoyed some family time on the balcony and Simon’s mom read a beautiful story. We also had a great new years, where we danced the night away and Tanya’s mom was dancing up a storm (as usual) on the dance floor.


Simon, Tanya, Dawn, Sabiha, Sheetos, Judith, Ingrid, Hans

The two weeks went very fast and it was a very relaxing break for both of us. Much more importantly, though, we got to spend time with family after 8 months on the road and their visit has given us the extra boost we need to continue on.

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