Here you find a list of all our gear that we have with us. The total weight of this gear is about 55kg, but this does not include water and food which we usually have with us as well.

Panniers and bags:8.460 g
Back panniers2 pair: Ortlieb Back-Roller Pro Classic: Largest back pannier available with 70l storage.4.800 g
Front panniers Simon1 pair: Ortlieb Back-Roller City: Extra space in the front1.500 g
Handlebar bag SimonOrtlieb Ultimate 6 Classic620 g
Ortlieb ExplorerFor sleeping bag and pads and climbing backpack800 g
Ortlieb PD3502x35l for climbing stuff and tent740 g
Tanya Clothing3.985 g
T-Shirt2x220 g
Long sleeve1x160 g
Socks2 pairs80 g
Underwear3x90 g
Bra1x40 g
Shorts1x Use one pair for both climbing and biking150 g
Long PantsThin material for hiking and biking270 g
Long Johns1x120 g
Top2x120 g
HatI have a tennis hat so I can still wear it with a helmet.60 g
Trekking sandalsUse them everywhere when not biking.350 g
Buff1x45 g
Fleece (PolarTech)PolarTech is very warm and light, worth buying it.250 g
Nike Shoes1x260 g
Biking shoesClick pedal shoes - essential for healthy knees and makes life easier uphill!500 g
SarongMultifunctional. Can use as top, dress, something to lye on and wear at the beach, headscarf, wipe down the tent etc...80 g
Bikini80 g
Beanie70 g
Goretex Rain JacketWanted something to last but Goretex is not essential.350 g
Rain PantsBasic and cheap but good enough190 g
Toiletries500 g
Clothing Simon5.830 g
T-Shirt2x300 g
Socks2 pairs90 g
Underwear3x220 g
Underwear paddedfor biking80 g
Long underwearfor the cold days150 g
Wool Hoodieheavy, but warm630 g
Shorts3x for biking, climbing, casual590 g
Long Pants1x360 g
Running shoesgood for hiking600 g
Biking shoesfor click pedals700 g
Flip Flopsmost important shoes215 g
JacketArcteryx, light but warm315 g
Rain JacketBerghaus Gore Tex Pro370 g
Rain PantsGore Tex290 g
Sun HatSchöffel, with neck protection80 g
Gloves biking50 g
Buffalso used as pillow case30 g
Bathing Shorts260 g
Toiletriesbasic stuff and always changing500 g
Climbing:12.140 g
Simon's harnessEdelrid Orion460 g
Tanya's harnessApex Rock410 g
Simon's shoesLa Sportiva Python and Tenaya Oasis1.070 g
Tanya's shoesMad Rock Lotus400 g
GriGriSafe and comfortable belaying230 g
Rope80m Mammut + Ropebag6.000 g
Chalk Bag2x400 g
Quick draws7xBlack Diamond, 5xPetzl, 5xCT1.790 g
Friendsfull Black Diamond rack (sent home)
NutsBlack Diamond (sent home)
Carabiners2xMammut, 1xPetzl, 2xDMM, 1x?380 g
Tube2x for rapelling200 g
Slings3xPrusik, 3x60cm, 1x120cm, 2xcarabiners400 g
Chalkextra chalk300 g
Belay Classesgood for the neck100 g
Camping:10.036 g
TentTatonka - Alaska 3: A rather large tent, but we can also cook inside, if needed and survive comfortably a few rainy days.4.700 g
Sleeping bag SimonVaude - Arctic 450: Synthetic sleeping bag with temperature rating of 6°C, 2°C and -13°C for comfort, limit and extreme rating, respectively.900 g
Sleeping bag TanyaMont-Bell - Hugger 800: Sleeping bag with temperature rating of 3°C, -2°C and -19°C for comfort, limit and extreme rating, respectively.600 g
Sleeping Pad2x Exped Synmat TT 9: Comfortable and robust sleeping pad with separate tubes, which can get replaced.2.100 g
Silk Linerx2 Keep the sleeping back clean260 g
Tent Tarpfor Tatonka Alaska 3670 g
Ortlieb Folding Bowl 10lfor washing, cleaning and shower250 g
Ortlieb Waterbag 10lplus shower valve150 g
BackpackOsprey Ultralight Stuff Pack106 g
HammockAmazonas Adventure Hammock200 g
Washing linewith some pegs100 g
Cooking3.889 g
StovePrimus EtaPower including wind shield480 g
PotsPrimus EtaPower pot, pan & bowl and old pot650 g
Fuel Bottle300 g
Watter bottle for filter2x290 g
Sea to Summit Bowl (XL)2x foldable and therfore small220 g
Muggsold, but good170 g
UV Steripen classicpurify water
Washing up liquidSea to Summit300 g
Cuttlery2 spoons30 g
Containers2x for leftover food
Spicesbag full of good stuff, constantly changing
Espresso machinemost important item!600 g
Gas stovesmall and light for making coffee70 g
Gas bottlelarge bottle550 g
Swiss army knivegood for everything: cutting stuff, opening cans, opening beer, cutting down small trees, trimming a beard…199 g
Lighterx230 g
Tablet Box500 g
Ibuprofen40x400mg - pain killer
Paracetamol20x500mg - pain and fever
Azithromycin 5003 tables - antibiotics
Ciprofloxacin 50020 tablets - antibiotics
Loperamid20 tablets - diarrhea
Elotrans4x powder for rehydration drink
Dobendan18 tablets - sore throat sweets
Voltaren Resinat15x75mg - strong joint pains
Micropur25 tablets - water sterelizer
Vermox6 tablets - worms
Betaisodona25g - cream for cuts and onychia
Advantan25g - cortison cream
FeniHydrocort15g - bites
Emergency Box500 g
Ibuprofen10x400mg - pain killer
TweezersFor ticks and other stuff
Surgical blade
Compression bandage80x100mm and 100x120mm
First aid bandage2x
Sterile gauze pads5x different sizes
Plasterdifferent sizes
Compeed plasterfor blisters
Elastic bandage1x black
Tapealso good for climbing
Tools700 g
PumpTurbo Morph G270 g
Oilkeeps the chain running smoothly40 g
Braking Padsfor both bikes40 g
MultitoolTopeak320 g
Tube Repair Kit30 g
Spokes10 for each bike
Spoke spanner
Derailleur cable
Gaffa Tapefixes everyting
Cable Tiesalso good for lot of stuff
Electronics6.870 g
Mac Book Air 13inchFast and light laptop for photo and video editing, blogging and staying in contact with home1.350 g
Mac Mousevery helpful for photo and video editing120 g
Mac Book charger190 g
Mac Book coverThule210 g
WD My Passport1TB storage for photos and backups180 g
Keyboardfor faster writing with the cell phones370 g
Simon's cell phoneS5 mini120 g
Tanya's cell phoneS5 mini120 g
Samsung S3 minifor extra SIM card110 g
Canon EOS 100Dwith Sigma DC 18-250mm 1:3.5-6.3 lense930 g
Canon EOS 100D battery3 extra battery120 g
Canon EOS 100D chargerUSB charger40 g
Quomox SJ5000Action cam for videos and photos150 g
Quomox SJ5000 battery2 extra batteries plus USB charger50 g
Joby Tripod400 g
Kindle2x Kindle paperwhite600 g
Power banksEasyAcc 10000mAh (stolen) and EasyAcc 26000mAh700 g
ChargerEasyAcc 2xUSB85 g
Mini USB cables100 g
Solar Panelstolen - EasyAcc 28W600 g
Headlamps2x200 g
Headlamps battery3xAAA rechargable40 g
Battery chargerstolen - recharge Headlamp and Mouse85 g
Other stuff:1.280 g
Travel guitarTanya's baby1.200 g
Rubik's CubeSimon is working on that50 g
CompassNever get lost30 g
Bank CardsVISA and others
Lockfor hostels and other stuff
vaccination pass
Sun glassesimportant to protect the eyes
Total weight:54.190 g