Sanosi and his friends took us on a speed boat ride on the Nile, at sunset to where the Blue and White Nile meet. The significance and importance of these two rivers was not lost on us, as we have followed it mostly up until this point. On the way back we speeded towards the fancy Corinthia hotel, lit up over the bridge that connects Tuti Island with the mainland.

Boat tour on the Nile

With Simon and I being treated so well, we didn’t need to have much cash on us. The black market rate shot up to $1 to 44 Sudanese Pounds while we were in Khartoum and came back down to $33 when we left. In Sudan, ATMs don’t accept foreign cards because of the sanctions against the country. Dollars have been our been our only way to get cash here. In fact, only dollars have been accepted for all of our African visas so far, including the Ethiopian visa. In total, we have spent more on our Sudanese visa and registration ($90) then we have spent in the entire country up until now, including food and accommodation.

They are having fun!!!

We enjoyed so many things in Khartoum. Simon joined a photography group and explored Tuti Island. The island has a large community on it and a beach and lies close to where the Blue and White Nile meet. He learnt a lot from them and also ended up being the model for most of the time… He’s now on Instagram feeds all over Khartoum.

Thanks Dina!

Among the many people we met, was Dina, a physician that specializes in diabetes and runs an organisation called Flourish that promotes cycling. It was great spending time with her! We also had a live radio interview and facebook live stream interview, followed by more boat trips on the Nile. All in all, we came for 2 nights and ended up spending a wonderful 10 days in Khartoum. Thank you Sanosi and Masa!

Thank you so much Sanosi, Masa and the entire family!

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