Rock, Road & Rhino

Places – Crags

Along our trip, we will pass lots of different climbing places, also called climbing crags, where we will stop for a few days or even weeks to relax our legs and destroy our fingers. We hope to find several smaller climbing crags along the way, but there are also famous and large climbing crags, which are:

Placed at the edge of the Alps and surrounded by lakes, this climbing area will be our first stop for some climbing. Especially the ‘Kanzianiberg’ offers more than 300 routes, which will be a great warm up.

The top spot in Slovenia is famous for hard and steep climbs, but also easier routes and multipitches can be found.

The Croatian National Park offers huge walls on both sides of a gorge, surrounded by wild nature.

Sport climbing next to the Adriatic Sea.

Impressive pillars of rock with monasteries on top.

The new climbing place in Greece to be, which we cannot miss.

One of the largest and most famous climbing destinations in the world. An island full of beautiful rock faces.

Hidden in the forest and next to a beautiful beach… what more do you need?

The largest area in Turkey offers a huge variety of 3D climbing on tufas.

On the following map you can find the location of all the mentioned climbing crags:

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