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We, Tanya and Simon, are currently on a 2 year cycling and rock climbing trip through Europe and Africa in aid of ‘Save the Rhino’. Our trip started on May, 9th 2017, so we are on the road for 348 days. On this page you can follow our joy and suffering on the bike and follow our exploration off the beaten track.

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Recent blog posts:

Aswan & Elephantine Island (Egypt #15)

07.01.2018 - 13.01.2018 Aswan   We arrived in Aswan and looked for a ferry over the river to Elephantine Island, where it was so peaceful. No cars are allowed to drive on the island, and when we got off, we were greeted by a community of happy Nubian people. We were just so glad to find a peaceful spot to rest in Egypt that we didn't put anything on our 'tourist agenda'. We just soaked up the cool air and relaxing atmosphere in ...

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Edfu Temple and Nubia (Egypt #14)

06.01.2018-07.01.2018 Edfu - Aswan   We visited Edfu temple today... but only after refusing the usual barrage of horse carriage drivers. We tried to visit the visitor center but the man came out saying, "you know, this is not free.. Noooo, it costs extra. One dollar!" He had a very different attitude when Tanya showed up with 7 police officers after double checking his extra 'fee' at the entrance gate. The temple was devoted to the God of order and chaos, Horus. He is ...

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Boys will be boys (Egypt #13)

05.01.2018 Luxor - Edfu   This is not a happy post. It is not a feel good story. If you're looking for a happy story, read this story about Mrs. Hook, but for now, we will complain. Sorry! First let's start with the good. The scenery. The many hellos. The friendly locals. A few kilometers out of Luxor a man standing next to his field raised his hand high and shouted, "hello, hello, hello," with the widest eyes. He then ran out of his ...

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Luxor and The Valley of the Kings (Egypt #12)

02.01.2018 - 04.01.2018 Luxor   We left the hotel at 5:30 am and rode the 30 km towards Hughada, with the full moon shining brightly over the mountains. The sky turned from a pitch black night to another blue-skied day when we arrived at the bus station. We were immediately greeted by the driver and were offered tea and coffee. He asked us if we have kids and then when we asked him, he said "No! Wife - finished" while laughing. The luggage guy ...

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Christmas in Egypt

The Red Sea (Egypt #11)

We arrived at the Red Sea to have a much needed break. Much of our family met us in Sahl Hasheesh, near Hurghada to spend Christmas together. They brought home to us and we felt very loved and appreciated that they flew all this way for the Christmas break! As if that wasn't enough, they spoilt us rotten with a holiday at an all-inclusive five star resort for two weeks. Yes, I know, it's only normal to feel jealous. Thank ...

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