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First Days Cycling in Ethiopia (Ethiopia #1)

Travelling Ethiopia can be difficult. But cycling in Ethiopia has a really bad reputation. We crossed the border and the first thing that greeted us was beer – everywhere.
By : Tanya | Sep 9, 2018

Kassala – the Yosemite of Africa (Sudan #11)

There I was, perched on one of the sloping rocks of Kassala, with my legs dangling down when I noticed a sound. It was a massive bird flying and swooping over me.
By : Tanya | Aug 5, 2018

Goodbye Khartoum (Sudan #10)

Sanosi and his friends took us on a speed boat ride on the Nile, at sunset to where the Blue and White Nile meet. The significance and importance of these two riversRead More...
By : Tanya | Jul 15, 2018

Confronting my Prejudices – Tobs and Burqas (Sudan #9)

If you told me I would be at a souk, in a suburb of Khartoum called Kalakla, walking hand in hand down the street with a woman completely veiled in a Burqa…Read More...
By : Tanya | Jul 8, 2018

Henna Day with the Ladies (Sudan #8)

I was treated to another henna party! Sanosi’s mom and wife, Masa, organised the henna party and we had some fun! About 15 women got together and I got henna designed onRead More...
By : Tanya | Jun 26, 2018

Whirling Dervishes, a Wedding and Aggressive Hospitality – Khartoum (Sudan #7)

In Khartoum, we were lucky enough to stay with an amazing host – Sanosi – and his family. Here, we also got to witness fascinating cultural events such as the Sudanese WhirlingRead More...
By : Tanya | Jun 5, 2018

Save the Rhino

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