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The Rhino:

At the start of the century, there were one million rhinos living in the wild. Today, there are fewer than 29,000 – that’s a 97% decline in the last 100 years. That is a shocking statistic for a prehistoric animal that has been around for 50 million years! Today, the surviving species and their numbers are:

• 40 Javan rhino
• 100 Sumatran rhino
• 3,300 Greater One-horned rhino
• 20,400 White rhino
• 5,000 Black rhino


What are the problems?

• Habitat loss
• Human encroachment
• Climate change
• Political conflict
• Poaching (illegal killing) of rhino for their horns


Poaching of animals has a long history and has been the reason behind the demise of many species. The demand for rhino horn has shifted between countries and continents. China and Vietnam are behind the current crisis as their belief of rhino horn as a medicinal substance will provide the cure to their illnesses. This belief has no scientific basis as rhino horn is made up of keratin, the same substance found in hair and fingernails.

Habitat loss due to an increasing human population and their cattle and crops, which needs large areas to graze and grow, is encroaching on protected land. Climate change is also now turning once green havens into drought regions.


Where will your money go?

Save the Rhino International is a charity that supports and funds many successful projects to protect all 5 of the remaining Rhino species! Your money will help:

• Anti-poaching and monitoring patrols
• Translocations of rhinos to former habitats
• Captive breeding programs
• Community and education programs
• Public awareness campaigns and wildlife crime units


Conservationists managed to bring the rhino back from the brink of extinction between 1970 and 1985 and, working together, it can be done again.


Our mission?

Together with your help, we would like to raise funds for the many organisations that Save the Rhino International work with. Along the way, we will visit some of these projects and we hope to share their stories and amazing work with you through articles and videos.