El Minya (Rest Day)


Ate too much for lunch and had a Koshary coma afterwards.. a stroll down the Nile was needed. Was a bit more relaxing there and enjoyed some more Egyptian coffee.. can’t get enough of this stuff. It was the first good view of the Nile we have had… usually if we cross a bridge we’re concentrating on staying alive between all the traffic and donkeys.

All the hooting and shouting is slowly blending into background noise and we might, just might, get used to it. We are clearly the only foreigners here, people spot us from a mile away. At least we are not hounded for photographs, just one request today. People stare but keep their distance.


The Nile at El Minya

Passed by a store “Le Poire” to get some treats for later. We are loving that we don’t have to spend time cooking, grocery shopping or putting up the tent. It’s so cheap here we are living like kings (the exchange rate is 20 EGP to 1 EUR).

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