Cycle touring and rock climbing at the same time is possible. It just takes a bit longer and it is important to plan the rock climbing areas accordingly. We already talked here about all the gear and other aspects. On this page we present all the climbing areas we visited by bicycle. On top of that we rate each climbing area for the climbing itself, but also how cycling friendly it is. This is obviously our personal feeling and rating about these places and other people might be of different opinion. Leave a comment at the bottom to raise your voice! Here are our ratings:

  Climbing Cycling

To see the differences between the climbing areas better, we scaled our rating to a range between 1 and 5. This means the rating given on the pages of each climbing area might be a bit different, but represents the same information. Here is what we rated:

Rock Climbing rating:

For each area we provide informations about:

  • Rock and routes
  • Climbing area and environment
  • Guide book and information
  • Grades
  • Seasons and weather
  • Favourite routes

We only rate the first 3 topics, as we think the last three topics are more a personal choice. As a good guidebook might be important, the actual rock and area is much more important, so we gave these two a double weight while calculating the overall grade.

Cycling and rock climbing at the same time is possible, and we even made it to Kalymnos in Greece.

Cycling and rock climbing at the same time is possible, and we even made it to Kalymnos in Greece.

Cycle touring friendliness:

Not every area is suitable to reach by bike. There are four key factors to consider:

  • Accommodation
  • Access to food
  • Access to water
  • Access by bike

As it is hard to cover large distances with a fully loaded bicycle, especially uphill, it is necessary to have an easy access to the climbing area. However, just an easily accessible climbing area is not enough. It is also important, to have some form of accommodation close by and access to food, either a market, restaurant or supermarket, and access to water.

Climbing areas map:

On the following map you can find the location of all the mentioned climbing crags: