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We, Tanya and Simon, are currently on a 2 year cycling and rock climbing trip through Europe and Africa. Our trip started on May, 9th 2017, so we are on the road for 316 days. On this page you can follow our joy and suffering on the bike and follow our exploration off the beaten track.

Why and where are we going on this trip? Check out ‘Info‘ and ‘Map‘.

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Recent blog posts:

Dendera Temple of Love, Joy and Beauty (Egypt #9)

16.12.2017 Qena   Today we visited the Temple of Dendera! Got a taxi there from downtown Qena but our poor taxi driver got interrogated by the police at the temple. This was again frustrating for us but after we finally got into the site we could sit down and enjoy some peace and quiet for a change. There were hardly any tourists here and we could visit the site (almost) on our own. Dendera Temple Complex has several buildings but the main temple, ...

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Dinner's on Me (Egypt #8)

15.12.2017 Sohag - Qena (150km by taxi)   We decided to take a train or bus from Sohag to Qena because the enjoyment of cycling in Egypt and interacting with the people was lost when the police started accompanying us... even though the police themselves have been mostly nice. Since then we have been racing between towns. As the next trains only left at 3pm, we cycled to the bus station where we could get a long distance taxi. Just as Tanya turned ...

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Selfie Time (Egypt #7)

13.12.2017 Asuit - Sohag (99.3 km)   Police escorts today were a little bit more annoying. The first escort almost had a heart attack when we tried to make a stop for coffee. He told us we are not allowed to stop and we have to carry on cycling, which was ironic as they had just stopped 5 minutes before to buy food for themselves. During the commotion the main officer put his hand on his gun twice. We told him to 'take ...

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First Accident (Egypt #6)

12.12.2017 Asuit - Dayrout (71 km cycling) Dayrout - Sohag (60km car)   Left the hotel this morning to find a police car with four policemen waiting to escort us out of the city. The hotel staff must have told them what time we were having breakfast. We obliged but not without some entertainment on the way. First, though, as we were cycling out of the city, a very angry man threw a large stick at another man... It missed its intended target and ...

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Koshary Coma and a Rest (Egypt #5)

11.12.2017 El Minya (Rest Day)   Ate too much for lunch and had a Koshary coma afterwards.. a stroll down the Nile was needed. Was a bit more relaxing there and enjoyed some more Egyptian coffee.. can't get enough of this stuff. It was the first good view of the Nile we have had... usually if we cross a bridge we're concentrating on staying alive between all the traffic and donkeys. All the hooting and shouting is slowly blending into background noise and we ...

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