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We, Tanya Edwards and Simon Bihr, are currently on a 2 year cycling and rock climbing trip through Europe and Africa in aid of ‘Save the Rhino’. Our trip started on May, 9th 2017, so we are on the road for 380 days. On this page you can follow our joy and suffering on the bike and follow our exploration off the beaten track.

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Recent blog posts:

Spa Day in Sudan (Sudan #5)

After arriving in the city, we randomly bumped into one of our very first Sudanese friends - Hassan. He had already invited us to his home back on the ferry from Aswan. The next day, we made sure to visit him. A family in Sudan usually live together in one village. Sons stay with their parents and the women move away after marriage. We got our fill of Karkade and Jabana when doing our traditional visiting rounds. We visited his ...

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Wild Camels and Sand Storms (Sudan #4)

The sand was EVERYWHERE. Sand. Sand. Sand. No mountains, no mirages of lakes, no sand dunes. Just soft, puffy sand that felt like hot coals every time we dared to touch it. We had decided to cut across the desert instead of following the Nile between Dongola and Kerima. Just the other day, I would have sworn we were crossing a different desert. Now, it looked like we had touched down on the surface of Mars. And it might as well ...

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A Boat Ride on the Nile with a Phantom Drone (Sudan #3)

We found ourselves in a nearby village of Dongola, Sudan, gliding across the Nile in a wooden boat. This is a usual affair for the locals but what made this trip special was the DJI Phantom Drone following us (you can watch the drone video footage below). Abdel took us to his home where his family fed us like kings and queens. You can read about our stay with him and his family here. He is also obsessed with drones. In fact, ...

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The People of Sudan and their Hospitality (Sudan #2)

We had heard the Sudanese hospitality was great, but just how great I never understood until now. The first family we stayed with since cycling out of the desert was no exception to this. We had stayed the night in a dirty hotel room, in Dongola, Sudan. It was also the cleanest in town. Even after washing the dirt off in the hotel shower, we felt filthier than before. But luck was in our favour and at breakfast we met ...

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Cycling the Sahara Desert (Sudan #1)

Cycling the Sahara desert, I remembered back to the time I thought this would be one of the toughest stretches of our trip to date. The heat, exhaustion, no food, no water. How to survive? Plan well, or you won't planning much more again, I thought. But now, the wind was at my back and I glanced over to the speedometer: 32 km/h. For one of the most desolate terrains on the planet, it did not feel that hard. We had ...

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